GUI Music Player Using Python


The GUI Music Player using Python is an interactive application where user can simply control it by clicking on the buttons. To build this project in python we need to create an interface first with the help of tkinter() package. Next, using mixer module in pygame package we are going to control the execution of song. Finally, to control the execution of any process we need interact with the operating system we are using os package in python and the code for this project is here…



					# import all the required packages
from tkinter import *
from pygame import mixer
import os

# Creating interface or root window

# To make the size of the window static

# To Insert a title to the created root window
root.title('Music Player')

# Function to play the song
def play():
# Function to pause the song which is currently playing
def pause():
# Function to resume the song which has paused
def resume():

# Function to stop the currently playing song
def stop():
# Intilaizing the mixer module

# Creating a listbox where the list of songs are going to be displayed
playlist = Listbox(root, selectmode=SINGLE, bg="black", fg="white", font=('arial', 15), width=30) 

# Specifying the path from where the list of songs need to displayed on the root window
os.chdir = os.chdir(r"C:\\Users\Music")
songs = os.listdir()
for s in songs: 
    playlist.insert(END, s)
# Creating button which is used to control the play,pause,resume and stop the song
playbtn = Button(root, text="Play", command=play,bg='yellow',fg='blue')
playbtn.grid(row=1, column=0)

pausebtn = Button(root, text="Pause", command=pause,bg='yellow',fg='red')
pausebtn.grid(row=1, column=1)

Resumebtn = Button(root, text="Resume", command=resume,bg='yellow',fg='green')
Resumebtn.grid(row=1, column=2)

stopbtn = Button(root, text="Stop", command=stop,bg='red',fg='black')
stopbtn.grid(row=1, column=3)

# To execute the output window

1. Imported all the required libraries

import tkinter – to create the root window


import mixer from pygame – To control the flow of the song play

import os – As we need to stop, resume the play of music (in backend we are stopping the executing process and resuming it) so we need to interact with the os

2. Created root window or an interface with required geometric specifications using tkinter

3. Creating a lit box inside root window which is used to display list of songs from the given directory

4. Next we created functions play,resume,pause,stop to play, resume, pause and stop the song respectively when the buttons are pressed.

5. Finally the buttons are created to operate the GUI music plays just by clicking them


-> Make sure you first installed all the required packages on your computer using command 

pip install package_name

-> Give correct directory in the following statement in the code when you want to run your audio files using the above program

os.chdir = os.chdir(r”C:\\Users\Music”)

-> When you click on play without selecting any audio file by default the first audio file will play.

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Output :

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