GUI Password Generator Using Python


The term GUI refers to Graphical User Interface indicates that the application will be more interactive than static applications. The Password Generator is an application which is used in many real world applications like password recommendations in Gmail,Instagram etc,.

And we can  implement this using python.

How To Run The Code : 

Step 1 : Open the any Python Code Editor
Step 2 : Make a Python file
Step 3 : Copy the code & Paste it 
Step 4 : Run the python file and you Program will run
Note : In this code you don’t have to install any Python Module and Does Not contain any Image so you can easily copy and paste the code.

Code : 

					# import all the required packages
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from tkinter import *
import random
import pyperclip

# To create a root window of GUI in python

# To store/retrieve the string value entered by user

# To store/retrieve the Integer value entered by user
passlen.set('Enter Length')

# Function to generate a random password
def password_generator():
    characters='abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890 !@#$%^&*()'
    if passlen.get()>=8:
        for i in range(passlen.get()):

# Function to copy generated password to clipboard
def copyclipboard():
    random_password = pswd.get()
    Label(tk,text="Copied to Clipboard",bg="red").pack(pady=6)
# Label to display the primary instruction to user to enter the length of passwod he requires
Label(tk, text="Enter the number to get password \n (Minimum length should be 8)",bg='Blue',fg='white').pack(pady=3)

# To store the entry of user
Entry(tk, textvariable=passlen).pack(pady=3)

# To generate Random password and confirmation by the button click
Button(tk, text="Generate Password", command=password_generator,bg='black',fg='white').pack(pady=7)
Entry(tk, textvariable=pswd).pack(pady=3)

Button(tk, text="Copy to clipboard", command=copyclipboard,bg='black',fg='white').pack()
# To initiate and display the root window we created
output :
Explanation :
1. First we imported all the required packages
random – To generate the random outcomes of an event in python we use random package
tkinter – To create the GUI based applications in python
pyperclip – To perform operations related to clipboard like coping etc.
2. Next we created a root window to display the content there with specified attributes.
3. Later we created two variables StringVar() and IntVar() to store / retrieve the string and integer values entered by the user.
4. Later on we created two functions to generate passwords and another function to copy the generated password to clipboard.
5. Finally we created Labels(Entry Points to data) and buttons used for functionality of the GUI.

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